If I can help somebody, as I travel along
If I can help somebody, with a word or song
If I can help somebody, from doing wrong
No, my living shall not be in vain”

If I Can Help Somebody, Mahalia Jackson

Supporting women who come together to collect, connect and reflect on pieces of their lives to mold a beautiful mosaic of wholeness.

Gwendolyn Vance McNuckles


Gwendolyn Vance McNuckles  is the Founder and Chief Visionary of Connections and Reflections; an organization  that offers support to women who come together to collect, connect and reflect on pieces of their lives to mold a beautiful mosaic of wholeness.  Gwen does not desire that women be healed, but that they are restored to wholeness and walk in the God given power they were born with.  Gwen has chosen to see her difficult life experiences as a survivor of domestic violence, homelessness and single motherhood as a remarkable puzzle of moments both of rain and sunshine to be used to lead her and others to a place of overwhelming triumph.  She describes herself as a soul on a life’s journey of service. 

Gwendolyn completed her bachelor’s degree in business management in 2010 at the age of 57 at Peirce College in Philadelphia, PA.  She and her daughter Dionne and granddaughter Denise made college history as the first three generation family to graduation at the same time completing degrees in business management as well as marketing.  She has coined them the Triple Threat.

Denise Garrison, Gwendolyn Vance McNuckles,
Dionne Garrison-Hubert

Gwendolyn went on to achieve her master’s degree in leadership from Capella University in 2016 at the age of 63.  She pursued a degree in Leadership because she saw the need for effective leaders to inspire people to achieve their highest form of greatness and pursue their dreams. 

She has been blessed to serve and support organizational needs in several key companies, including the University of California – Los Angeles, University of Tennessee – Memphis, Temple University School of Medicine, the City of Philadelphia Public Library, The City of Columbus Mississippi Police Department, Domtar Personal Care and her personal crowning achievement, Paramount Studios during the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek. 

Facetta Garrison-Greene
Andre & Amber Greene
Dionne Garrison-Hubert

Gwen raised two beautifully gifted and successful daughters, Dionne Garrison-Hubert a thriving real estate agent in Philadelphia, PA and Facetta Garrison-Greene, the General Manager of The Dell, the City of Philadelphia amphitheater and 2019 Woman of the Year by WDAS Radio and the City of Philadelphia.  Gwendolyn also has 7 grandchildren and 2 ½ great grandchildren. 

Arlillian and George Vance,
Gwendolyn Vance McNuckles

She is living the life as one of the Three Musketeers or Three Stooges, along with her 93 year old father, George and her 86 year young mother, Arlillian in Waco, Texas.

Presently, Gwen is pursuing her dream of mentorship of women locally in Waco, Texas by imparting her incredible insights through her weekly blog on weekly prayer, praise and accountability. Gwen has an extraordinary, revelatory ministry called “The She Shed” in which her visitors take part in awe-inspiring edification, scripturally based mentoring, and boundless intercessory prayer.  Visitors to the “She Shed” typically come in one way and leave transformed as a vision is imparted into their spirit, soul and body. 

When Gwen’s “She Shed” calendar is not quite full, you will find her adding the finishing touches to her soon-to-be best seller, “Messages from the Board Room with the CEO”, a culmination of  true-grit life experiences, heartfelt humor, and Godly inspiration positioned to take her audience of women to the next level of success triumph. Gwen also continues to take up professional speaking opportunities and hails as the president of her local Toastmasters chapter.

If you are interested in scheduling a “She Shed” Experience with Gwendolyn or you are looking for a dynamic and inspirational public speaker, please contact Connections and Reflections at 254.292.8377 or connections.reflections24.7@gmail.com.

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