Meeting with the CEO 08.26.2019

Waiting on the Lord

There have been several weeks which have passed without a post from me.  I had to wait on the Lord for a word.  The Bible says more than once, we are to wait on the Lord.  There are certain promises attached to those who learn how to wait and trust God because of who he is.  In bible study I have been learning about God.  He can be trusted because he is not man, so therefore he can’t and doesn’t lie.  His promises are real and a firm foundation to build our lives upon. 

Waiting has not been my strongest or first response.  I am known to be proactive, reactive, over-active and just plain off the chain.  But never still or waiting.  That is the last response I use to turn to.  Gathering of the Elders was a God-inspired, God led project of love.  The idea was birth through the Holy Spirit, and I needed the leading and unction of God every step of the way.  To say I was clueless minimizes how deep I was in and how little I knew what to do.

My past is littered with times I got into deep water and like Peter the apostle looked down and took my eyes off Jesus and sank.  I quit, turned tail and ran.  I didn’t finish the course.  I did not cross the finish line.  I failed.  The more I failed, the more fearful I was to try something new and ambitious.  But I have found when God has a calling on our lives, he just circles the wagons and send in the Indians again to attack our fears and demand we fight to survive and grow.  God repeatedly sends the lesson until we pass the test.  By the grace of God, I passed the test this time.

One analogy Pastor Gaylon Foreman shared with us in bible study is you can feed a donkey the highest-grade alfalfa, but he will never win the Kentucky Derby.  He is not built to run that race.  But what he is built for is just as worthy and necessary.  In working with the people God placed in my life, I allowed him to show me each one of their unique gifts.  He showed me how to honor them and give them space to grow and shine.  I was able to share my vulnerability and asked their assistance to help me maintain my DIVA status. 

In the past I have not been patient, kind or trusting of those I have been blessed to work with.  I left damage, decimation, hurt and anger.  I shamed the name of Jesus with my behavior.  I wasn’t loving or prayerful.  I was bull-headed.  I walked in fear it would be discovered I was incompetent and fearfully in over my head. 

God parked me on the bus bench of life to await another opportunity to work with a team of people.  I have been studying the lessons of Christian love and sitting in the classroom of life, on the sidelines, watching those who have learned their lessons well.  But nothing is like the test to see if we really have learned our lessons well.  Gathering of the Elders was my final assignment for this level.  I could not move to the next level until I passed this test.  Praise God, I passed this test. 

Now, mind you, I still have many miles to go, hills to climb and deep rivers to swim.  But, for today, I praise God and thank him for his patience.  “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth (KJV Psalm 121: 1-2)”

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